Write Funny, Engrossing and Thought-provoking Tweets to Get 500 Twitter Followers

A great number of potential followers shall browse at your newest tweets in order to see if you are follow-worthy. So, this only proves to say that the better your tweets are, the more it makes it possible to get 500 Twitter followers. You can get huge following by writing provocative, clear and very enticing contents or posts.

What is more, for you to have 500 Twitter followers, consider sharing intimate news about your present life. In point of fact, you are more likely to draw the attention of other users if you are capable of spinning an out of the ordinary story or your daily life. Take note that you have to tweet on various subjects and not solely about what you are currently doing or focusing on your personal thoughts.

Needless to say, you can possibly get more Twitter users to follow you back with the help of multimedia posts. Post some videos or pictures or sound clips for all these could help make your content more fun-filled to read and follow.