Safety When You Are Seeking 1000 Twitter Followers.

Once you have identified your target audience, don’t sit back and wait for others to follow your handle. It is a give and take narrative on this platform. You will need to follow other users and in return let them return the favor. Caution should be taken when you are doing the following too. Even if your target is 1000 Twitter followers, do it gradually to prevent your account being flagged as a spammy one. The moment you follow over 1000 in less than an hour, the Twitter administrators will automatically suspend you.


The safest way to attract 1000 Twitter followers without breaking Twitter terms and regulations is to cap your following target to 100 daily. That is safe especially if you are a newbie and hoping to gain from them following back. Accounts with a huge following already can follow many accounts without compromising because of their current standing. Though it is slow, it is the best because you get the followers you want. If time is not on your side, take the gamble to purchase followers but understand the risks too.