Mentioning Others in Your Tweets To Increasing Twitter Likes.

After incorporating various methods to increase Twitter likes, there is an equal chance that some options may work or fail terribly depending on how they were implemented. After taking and executing the same and still getting few likes, it is time to consider mentioning other users on this platform who have a huge following to your tweets. This works well, especially if the content you are posting is associated with the person you are mentioning his or her username to the tweets you posting. For example posting an upcoming music concert and mentioning an artist who will be performing there.

Their followers who are not yours will see that tweet on their timeline and may be tempted to like it just because the one they are following was mentioned in. More people will be encouraged to follow you if the content you posting interests them. They want to do so because they want to engage you later even if you do not mention that person after that. You end up getting more followers and more Twitter likes at the same time.f1

Getting One Time Twitter Likes

Social media actually operates in kind of a very funny way. You must have noticed how there are certain people on social media who were catapulted to popularity by just one event. Something happened that drew the attention of each and every person on social media and all of a sudden these people were enjoying enormous popularity on these social media platforms. Well, this is also another great way to get twitter likes.

You see to get likes on social media; you need to draw the attention of social media. People actually have to realize who you, get to know about you and recognize your presence on social media. You can get them to do this using one event that will give you great popularity on the social media platform. For instance, you can start a campaign against something on twitter. Be very passionate about it and let it be something that is greatly negatively affecting eth lives of people in your locality. Make sure you are well informed on the matter and you are very vocal about it. This will draw people’s attention to you and within no time you will be getting numerous twitter likes. You can then maintain the likes by following up with other campaigns or simply ensuring that you continue to post relevant and interesting content.

Start a Series on Twitter to Get Twitter Likes

Social media is largely used for entertainment in the world of today. People are hooked on social media to just keep themselves updated and also for entertainment. Just observe people keenly and you will notice this. That one moment one a person is bored waiting for someone, they will turn to social media, that one moment when a meeting is taking too long, they will turn to social media to pass time, that one moment when the day just seems dull and nothing interesting seems to be happening, people will turn to social media to liven everything up. If you are looking for a simple way to get those twitter likes, make yourself the person that people look for on twitter during these times.f2

You can start a series on twitter. It could be a story and you could release parts of it on a daily basis. It could be a short film whose short clips you release on a daily basis. It could even be  a series of jokes that you post on a daily basis. People will always know that when they turn to you on twitter, there is something that will cheer them up. It will get to a point that they will be looking forward to your next posting. This will definitely draw many people towards you and the twitter likes will then follow.