Getting Popularity That Increases Your Free Instagram Views

With the option of purchasing free Instagram views to promote your Instagram, what happens if you are unable to get the finances to do so? Even though you desperately want the views, there are approaches you can invest in on your own without paying anything to get the traffic you are after. With many people already on Instagram, commanding many such views can be hard but with a good number of followers, getting them is easy. The first step, therefore, is to focus on getting as many followers as possible. Though there are vendors to supply you with the same, it is something you can do on your own if you put everything right from the word go. If you want to get many free Instagram views with your effort, incorporate the  four techniques that will make you attractive to earn you many followers in a short timeframe while reducing the number of those unfollowing.

Your account setting; it is important to ensure that your account is public to enable everyone on Instagram to search and find you. This is because when you put the settings as private, only your friends can search and find you and see what you are posting. Even if you are posting great content, your views will be only limited to those who are already your followers on Instagram. By making the account public, other users can see the photos and videos you are posting before becoming your fans. If you are making great posts, they will be motivated to follow you and increase the views to each post going forward. To set the profile public, click on the profile icon on the Instagram app and proceed to edit your profile. If the box of “posts is private” is checked, uncheck it because it means that only your posts are visible to your current followers. On unchecking it, your account is now public.


Sharing the best content; as you aim to increase and attract more followers, it is important to ensure that the content is of quality and is posted in the right quantity on a particular day. Integrate both the videos and photos at right intervals on a typical day to maximize the free Instagram views from your followers. Consider posting only quality photos that are likely to entertain your current followers who may be interested in tagging their followers along to like and follow your account. However, moderate your photos so that you don’t fill up their timeline in that you hinder them to interact with their other followers effectively. Such trends portray your disturbing trends, and no one will hesitate to unfollow you. Whereas you are focusing on posting to increase your followers, it may end doing more harm than good to your account. That is why you should focus more on quality rather than quantity. Your videos or photos are the first impressions to first timers visiting your profile. Imagine what they will think of if they see some blurred and shaky images on your profile. They will walk away and not waste time going through your entire profile. That is why consistency is the key here.


Telling stories using images; Pictures speak more than written information. Writing long texts may discourage people to read up to the end even if you are explaining the image you have posted. Why do you let the pictures tell the stories instead? Post them in a sequence that tells the story from the start to the end without necessarily giving an explanation. Getting many free Instagram likes is easy with such approach because the followers have to see each image to get a glimpse of the message you are trying to pass across. It is important to ensure that you post relevant and related images for the right message to be passed across. Posting unrelated images will only motivate your current followers to unfollow you to avoid the confusing images that you are posting.

After gathering all the photos you intend to share with your followers, and realize that they are many, consider combining several into one. There are several apps available online that enables you to do that. When you creatively do so, you produce one photo that is engaging without having to post single images to fill the timelines of your followers. Do not just put several photos but rather stitch together the connected ones that will pass the story.


The timings of your posting; we all have different timings on when we access our Instagram accounts. This is because of various engagements everyone is involved in. It is impossible to map out the specific times that most of your followers are online to enable you to get many views you are after. Take a moment to establish those days and times when your followers are online to help you design your posting pattern. Aim at those moments when many people are online to maximize the views you get from the posted content. You get random views at such moments that may be converted to more followers in the end. In weekdays opt to post during the morning before work, break times and lunch hours when those working normally log into their accounts to see what has been happening while they were away. If you posted earlier, your content might be swallowed by the current posts that are at the top of your follower’s timelines. With different time zones around the world, ensure you are aware of the zones your followers are in,  to ensure you align well in the course of engagements. Post more on weekends when people are free and relaxing with their families. Space well in between the posts not to annoy your followers because they have to engage their fans too on their end.


The above approaches are simple and can be achieved on your own without paying for anything. Try implementing one thing at a time to determine what works for you and what does not. We are different and what works for others may not necessarily work out for your case.