Creative ways to increase your likes

How creative are you?  Creative ways have great advantages to creating contents that are worth following.  If you are on social media platform, do you know you can still increase your Instagram likes by creating a contest?  People are always looking for ways to keep busy.  A photo contest is a great way to increase likes whether you like it or not.  Make it unique, give them a reason to enter the contest and keep your word.  If you promise to give a reward to the winner please reward them on the same platform.

It is important that participants get to see what rewards awaits them in case they are the winner. Contests also allow followers to be effective and wanting to do their best.  It will also give you an opportunity to deal with followers of different kinds.  And then it will also open your way to more Instagram likes.  Every contest has rules, create a hash tag, ask participants to like the page by uploading a photo and don’t forget to create a timeline when the same must be submitted.