Can Requesting Followers Get You 500 Twitter Followers?

Another simple free way to get followers on twitter is by requesting them to follow you on this platform. You are likely to get some followers who may see your genuine request okay and worth it. But can you attract about 500 twitter followers via this mechanism? The chances are slim as it will look like a desperate move to get some credibility on Twitter. Gaining many followers in determined by many factors away from the mere request. The easiest way to make the request work and attract even up to 500 Twitter followers is by doing it at the end of your blog or if you are doing a product review. By adding the follow buttons on your blogs that attract massive traffic, you increase the chances of funneling many people towards your twitter account. As many people follow you and retweet your content, you reach out to many tweeps that will probably follow you. The follow buttons are a sure way of directing them to your twitter page without necessarily writing a request to them to follow. Instead of coming to your blog for information, they can access it in future via Twitter.