Automatic weather stations

A weather station is a set location in a home, office or a farm with unique instruments that will be used to record weather situation and occurrence. The recorded information is then analyzed and used to give weather predictions. The tools in the weather station include a thermometer for measuring temperature, the rain gauge for rain fall, the barometer is used for measuring the atmospheric pressure and anemometer for wind direction and speed among others.

Several types of weather stations can be set in an area. The major ones, however, are the manual and automatic weather stations. The manual stations need close monitoring and physical readings of the findings while the automatic one records the results automatically without much need for a natural person being there. There several benefits that are being associated with acquiring an automated weather station. They include:-

  1. The instruments used in the measuring and recording of the weather occurrence need maintenance daily. The good thing is that they are done automatically.

2.The climate readings on the instruments can be easily seen at a glance and anytime, unlike the standard ones that have scheduled times for the reading to be done.

3.With the advancement of technology, the readings of the weather occurrences can be recorded in its minimum and maximum times. The different readings can because of various periods of the day. The total readings can also be recorded and be referred to in the future when the need arises.

  1. There is a data log system installed in the specific station, so all the information is automatically recorded. The systems can run for weeks, months with so much ease
  2. The comprehensive statistics of the recorded weather patterns will be automatically calculated and analyzed for comfortable weather recording and prediction. To add on that the readings can be accessed from other location with the help of the internet. This makes the monitoring of the stations’ operations from far with much ease.


When setting up an automated weather station, there are a few factors to put in consideration. They are:-

  1. Budget: -the amount of money one is willing to put aside in the setting up of the station is one of the major factors that will determine the type of station that will be put up. The monetary factor will also determine the number and types of instruments for recording the patterns.
  2. Types of sensors in the station: – the station type will be fixed by the sensors and pieces of equipment one is looking to have set up. a good position should have a possibility of future expansion.
  3. These individual cases where one will wish to monitor specific weather occurrences like the sunshine and the UV intensity. Some people will want to monitor the soil moisture and plant leafs wetness. With such unique requirements, an individual weather station should be set up.

Armed with the above pointers, one can easily set up an automatic weather station in whatever location they have in mind, and it will perform well and offer most accurate readings of the weather predictions.