4 Features about Twitter that will make you realize it is easy to get 1000 followers

On twitter, it is all about keeping a conversation going. Every hour someone will come up with a hash tag and people will start making their comments and views known. When something trendy happens, the first people to talk about it are twitter users.  But as much as people want to make their views known on twitter, note that everyone has to keep their word count 140 or less. That means you have to think carefully before posting. It also means that people are more mature here, and thus even your chase to get 1000 twitter followers or more could be easier than you would think.

People don’t judge others so much on twitter than with other networks, because after all topics are ever varied and busy conversing about socially positive things. The every conversational mood on twitter also means that you could get a 1000 twitter followers who will be interactive and social with you.